Feeling stuck or trapped?

Overwhelmed or lost?

Need a change?

Want more out of life?

There are two great adventures in life.

1. Finding Your Purpose
2. Fulfilling your purpose

I can help with both.

Change Purpose Meaning Joy Excitement

Are you making a living or making a life?

If you imagined your perfect life right now what would it look like?

It’s possible.

Your perfect life is possible.

Here is how I can help you

As a certified transformation coach I specialize in helping people make life major life changes all the way from the inception to the finish line.

If you are open to change the results are dramatic.

Stuck in the grind?  I can help you find a purpose.  Once you find your purpose we will work on making it a reality.

Overwhelmed with a major life change?  Trying to make a career change? 

I can help.

Before coming a certified transformation coach I was a certified personal trainer as well as a competitive triathlete.  Want to lose excess weight?  Want heath and fitness to become a lifestyle and habit?  Lets do it.

The transformative properties of responsible psycadelic usage is unbelievable… but can also be overwhelming.

I am a huge advocate of using plant medicines as a catalyst for personal growth.  I can help you make the most of that growth. 

Our personalities create our personal reality.  Having a mindset that is geared towards success is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your toolbelt. 

Does failure hurt too much?

Do you have a fear of change?

Do you want to be happier?

I can help.

Pay nothing until after our free, no-risk 30 minute consult call and we both decide it’s a good fit.

Hey, I'm Sean.

I help early to middle-aged adults facilitate major life changes that enables them to build a life that matters to them.

Is life not working out the way you want it to?  

Did you follow the path laid out for you but found yourself in a place you don’t want to be?

If your life is a story are you the victim, villain or hero?

You can be the hero.  You can live a life that matters.

I’m a certified transformation coach and certified personal trainer whose purpose is to help people find their goals and then achieve them.  I focus on a process oriented approach that helps my clients in both the professional and personal world.  It’s important to me that we take a holistic look at life to ensure there is a proper balance between professional life, personal relationships, health and mental wellbeing while keeping our eyes on the prize.  A life that matters. 

If you have goals and need help achieving them or you need help creating goals than you should sign up for coaching.  
I offer a free, zero obligation 30 minute introductory call to make sure it’s a good fit.